Stranger Things

Thanks to Izzzyy



I have a thing for umbrellas. Always have, not really certain why, but to me they're just beautiful. 
Hence why they appear in a lot of my icons and the name change.
Massive thanks for the rename token my favorite gin-drinking Louisiana-accented badass friend. 

And of course you can all come and stand under my um ber ella ella ella ella ella 
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Stranger Things

Changing my name.

My user name comes from my nickname Sair which I was called for years by a lot of people at where I used to work. I even got memo's addressed to Sair and my boss who called my Sair-Spare (for unknown reasons!) 
Anyway I want to change it.
I don't know what to.
Unfortunately I think IwanttofuckRPattz may be taken.

I've been thinking of everything from glitter_boots to choccy_biccy to yorkshire_pudding to anicecupoftea to the not very different cyber_sarah 

Stranger Things

Sugar makes my teeth hurt

I'm going a little bit stir crazy at the moment, I would say that I'm working on various applications for internships and such like but in all honesty I've spent this week doing fuck all. Well not completely fuck all, I've done about 7 loads of laundry, made a huge batch of split pea soup (YUM) and done other exciting things like rearrange the storage cupboard, bleach-clean the fridge and scrub the bathroom.
Book-wise I've been in a drought lately, the last book I read was Cormac McCarthy's The Road  apparently its one of those books that people either love or they struggle to get through. I loved it, can't wait for the movie to come out this summer.
Anyway, so instead of books, for some unknown reason I've turned to fanfic and this week I've been submerged in it.
The best twilight fanfic I've ever read has to be Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary  which you can find on or at I got so bored of reading at the desktop I actually printed out all 34 chapters so I could read it in bed.  Plus my bloke and I have this little ritual thing we do whereby I read to him each night until he falls asleep (which sometimes can be about 5 seconds after I've begun)
I'm reading IVO to him at nights but I've been having trouble sleeping at night and seeing as our internet connection is currently slowly than George Bush's thought process I've been looking around for something else to read. I don't want to read sloppy fanfic written by a 12 year old and I don't want to read fanfic in which Dr House and Dr Cullen have a gay love affair and Bella is a morbidly obese stripper.....(wait...what a legend of a story idea!) so I decided to opt for well-know, popular fanfics. One of the more well known ones is Wide Awake I had no idea what this was about but decided to give it a whirl this morning at about 4am when I couldn't sleep. Now I'm still sat here at 8am, 6 chapters in, with one hand in a bag of maltesers consuming them almost as quickly as I'm consuming this fic. I'm glad I didn't know anything about this before I started reading. The fact that there are no vampires in it would've made me skip it completely. However it is, (unintentionally I think) making me throw my head back and cackle madly at every other word out of Edwards  mouth being fuck or shit andgiving me a strange craving for cookies....
Also, maltesers are fucking gorgeous and everyone in the universe should have some. They hurt my teeth though. Brb dentist.
Stranger Things


About that....yeah.....sorry.......booze and getting really really progressively angry at bodyparts and various other twats is really not a good idea.
All booze and no work makes Sarah a deleting maniacal fool.